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Marine UXO Services

“Experience when it matters”

RMS UXO provides a comprehensive industry leading range of International Marine UXO Risk Mitigation Services from in-land waterways, lakes, near shore, intertidal zones, harbour’s, through top shallow and deeper waters. We provide services which comply with the CIRIA C754 requirements and International best practice providing our clients with the confidence and assurance that they are receiving the best possible advice and services in order to deal with any potential risk from UXO in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.


Risk Mitigation Consultancy

RMS UXO offer consultancy services to clients to join and assist at any point during a project life cycle. Often brought in during the early phase works of a project, RMS UXO’s consultants work alongside our clients to provide detailed planning and add in value for money and time saving expertise, whilst ensuring the safety of all project staff, third parties and their assets.

Client Representatives

We provide qualified and experienced onshore and offshore personnel to act as client representatives to oversee the delivery of services and operations. Providing detailed reporting and management services (if required) to ensure safety and quality of delivery by client nominated contractors.

Project Management

RMS UXO provide project managers to oversee and manage all elements of UXO project delivery. This ensures that the mitigation works comply with the requirements for sign-off/ALARP.

Alongside providing UXO specific project management, RMS UXO can also provide experienced project managers to manage a combination of works phases. This includes UXO packages alongside survey operations, civil engineering works, ground works, environmental packages etc.

Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment

The Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment is the first stage in providing an essential screening process to check if there is a potential risk from UXO that requires further investigation.

Recommended to be undertaken at the start of a project or prior to any site investigation works.

Our reports utilise comprehensive historical archives, maps, library resources, our internal UXO risk database and the extensive knowledge of the UXO (EOD Qualified) risk mitigation team and in-house researchers to provide a balanced assessment of the potential UXO risk.

Note: If a follow on Comprehensive UXO Risk Assessment is recommended the cost of the Initial UXO Risk Assessment will be deducted from the cost of the Comprehensive UXO Risk Assessment.

Detailed UXO Risk Assessment

The Comprehensive UXO Risk Assessment provides a detailed assessment and qualification of any potential risk posed by UXO to your project.

Compliant with CIRIA’s C754 risk management guidelines this assessment uses extensive historical archives, maps, our internal UXO risk database, local research, library resources and the extensive knowledges of the UXO (EOD qualified) risk mitigation team and in-house researchers.

The assessment will provide a UXO risk level for your project not only based upon the historical records including previous land use, (which may have mitigated an element of the UXO risk), but also ground conditions and the proposed on-site works / activity.

There can be a tendency for a specific UXO risk effecting your entire project site that may not be appropriate and could result in unnecessary UXO risk Mitigation activities being conducted across the entire site.

“Providing a balanced assessment of the potential UXO risk”.

UXO Risk Mitigation Strategies

Based upon the assessed level of UXO risk a bespoke Risk Mitigation Strategy will be developed for your project to provide the most appropriate and relevant risk mitigation measures to deal with the UXO risk in a safe, effective and cost-efficient manner.

The primary objective of the Risk Mitigation Strategy is to reduce the risk posed by UXO in accordance with the ALARP, (as low as reasonably practical) principle. This ensures that the Client expends only the resources necessary in time, effort and cost to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

RMS UXO can provide a turnkey solution, providing all services required to mitigate Explosive risk. Or, develop strategies which can be delivered by others under RMS UXO management or QA/QC.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

RMS UXO has developed a robust QA / QC management system that encompasses all aspects of UXO risk mitigation services and operations.

This provides a framework for the delivery of the complete range of UXO risk mitigation services from planning, resource and equipment allocation, monitoring, reviewing and auditing to ensure that that necessary standards and project delivery objectives are met.

RMS UXO can also provide QC services for projects where the UXO services are being provided by a UXO contractor.

Peer Review

An increasing number of clients are questioning the recommendations given within detailed risk assessments for high value, time consuming UXO mitigation works by UXO contracting companies. This is particularly prevalent by those UXO companies who own and contract heavy intrusive survey assets, therefore blurring the lines of impartiality through conflict of interest within their assessments.

It is also true that those providing recommendations within such reports may not have the necessary competence to offer such advice or recommendations.

RMS UXO offer a peer review service of detailed risk assessment studies, risk mitigation strategies and survey reports by highly qualified and experienced personnel, to review the information and measure the risks given. And to provide independent recommendations which will be signed-off by RMS UXO if followed.

UXO Geophysical Survey

Non-Intrusive UXO Survey

RMS UXO utilises the latest non-intrusive geophysical survey technology and software to detect and identify potential items of UXO either on the seabed or buried below the surface. With experienced in-house specialists we will specify and deploy the optimum survey systems to suit the specific environment and associated UXO risk.

The data is collected and then analysed by experienced marine UXO Geophysicist and Senior consultant Marine EOD engineers taking into consideration the survey technology deployed, conditions, source and nature of the designated UXO risk and the proposed work.

Results are provided in the form of a survey report, with a geo-referenced false colour target anomaly map and target list, detailing the quantity, location and estimated depth of the targets identified from the survey.

If required a target investigation strategy will be developed in order to investigate only the targets necessary to reduce the UXO risk in accordance with the ALARP, (as low as reasonably practical) principle.

Diver ROV Realtime Search & Clearance

For areas where a non-intrusive survey is not viable or cost-effective specific areas can be searched by divers using hand-held instruments or ROV mounted search equipment. Any signal, reading or alarm can then be investigated real-time.

Intrusive Survey

If Geophysical non-intrusive survey methods cannot provide clearance to full bomb penetration depth, intrusive survey techniques can also be deployed.

This may include hydraulic push or drilling methods to insert magnetometer probes into the underlying strata to survey columns of ground which will provide clearance from UXO, allowing clients to undertake intrusive works such as piling or drilling in certified cleared locations with confidence.

Data Processing & Interpretation

RMS UXO provide experienced marine UXO geophysicists to conduct data processing, interpretation and target classification services for potential UXO from raw data provided by the client. Supported by our Senior consultant Marine EOD engineers the survey data is used to correlate all available information and to determine which targets model as potential UXO.

If required a target investigation strategy will be developed in order to investigate only the targets necessary to reduce the UXO risk in accordance with the ALARP, (as low as reasonably practical) principle.

RMS UXO can provide marine UXO geophysicists and Senior consultant Marine EOD / UXO personnel to work either at the client’s project offices, offshore locations or based from our UK Head Office.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

RMS UXO can provide QA/QC of geophysical data gathered and processed by third parties to ensure it is within the parameters required to produce UXO ALARP certification and sign-off.

This service is often used by clients who have survey data collected by others and wish to ensure it is fit for purpose and apply it for the use of UXO detection.

UXO Drone Survey


Airborne magnetometer survey techniques offer a rapid, safe and accurate way to acquire data suitable for UXO identification in a variety of complex environments:

  • Military training ranges
  • Intertidal zones
  • Large area surveys
  • Shallow water settings

Data Collection

We are able to acquire drone-based magnetometer data at up to 5 m/s, allowing for up to 20 hectares of data to be collected in a single day at 0.5 m sensor spacing. Sensor height above ground/water is maintained using a downward-facing radar altimeter, with pre-planned flight lines flown using cm-accurate RTK GPS.

Surrogate item trials have determined that a 20 kg ferrous item can be detected at up to 7 m range with a 10 nT magnetic anomaly, allowing for data acquisition in up to 4 m of water under typical UXO survey specifications.

Data Analysis

Data is processed using a combination of third-party and in-house software to filter out any magnetic interference from the drone, and also filter out various background signals, to derive a residual total field magnetic anomaly map with approximately 2-3 nT of background noise.

Oasis Montaj is then used to further interrogate the data, including the identification of potential UXO targets.

UXO Risk Mitigation

RMS UXO have established a proven and robust process to design and deliver fit for purpose surveys, optimised using the latest technologies and methodologies to increase the confidence in target identification and classification.

The results of our optimised surveys allow for either full UXO clearance or ALARP certification in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.

UXO Support

Target Identification Reports

RMS UXO has arguably the world’s most comprehensive historic UXO database which has been developed over a period of more than 30 years. If you encounter a suspicious item which may be UXO related, please contact us and we will provide you a detailed Target Identification Report. We offer a preliminary or detailed assessment and can provide a structured assessment of the Hazards and risk posed (if any).

This service is offered as a standalone (one off) service or, can be offered as retained service to meet project timelines and client needs.

10% of all profits made from the sale of Target Identification Reports are donated to Military charities. 

Provision of Technical UXO Qualified Personnel

RMS UXO provide qualified UXO survey engineers and onshore or offshore geophysicists to support ongoing or planned operations. This may be to enhance and support your team or to take on the responsibility for the UXO phase of works.

Deployed personnel have the full support and backup of our operations department.


Project Specific UXO Safety & Awareness Training

Project specific safety awareness training to your project staff. This may be onboard a vessel during mobilisation or to your land based teams working in areas where there remains a residual risk of UXO contamination.

CPD UXO Safety & Awareness Training

RMS UXO provide UXO mitigation presentations to those who may have an interest in the subject of UXO. These presentations conform to the requirements for continual professional development and may take the form of ‘lunch and learn’ sessions, health and safety workshops or for professional interest and education.

Train the Trainer UXO Safety & Awareness Training

Training given to specific key project staff to enable them to brief in-coming team members or crew. Fully supported by RMS UXO but without the continual need for one of our UXO technical consultants to be present every time a UXO safety briefing is required.

On-Call Response

For lower risk project sites or marine works, an On-Call EOD Service alongside an emergency response plan, (ERP) may be appropriate whereby Senior EOD experts will be able to remotely assist you when a suspect item is uncovered during the project and if required, deploy to the site / vessel / platform to provide direct support and assume control of the incident.

We will be able to identify and/or advise in terms of item confirmation and if necessary, an appropriate course of action to take in the event the discovery of any potential UXO.

Target Investigation

Where a pro-active marine UXO survey has been conducted, the data will be analysed by experienced Marine UXO Geophysicist and Senior consultant Marine EOD engineers taking into consideration the survey technology deployed, site conditions, source and nature of the designated UXO risk and the proposed work. A target investigation strategy will be developed in order to investigate only the targets necessary to reduce the UXO risk in accordance with the ALARP, (as low as reasonably practical) principle.

Investigation solutions may include various techniques and technologies including Remote Operated Vehicles, (ROV’s), divers, airlifting and dredging.

Throughout the investigation programme the target investigation strategy will evolve based upon the nature of the targets investigated to ensure that there is a correlation between the survey data and any recovered UXO to ensure that the ALARP principle can be achieved.

Disposal - Recovery/Removal & Disposal

RMS UXO have highly experienced project management and Marine EOD specialist teams who are able to design and implement recovery, disposal and clearance operations in a marine environment.

Utilising industry standard explosive techniques such and high and low order methods we have the capability to dispose of UXO safely and to minimise the risk to the environment and any nearby infrastructure such as cables, pipelines, heritage sites and environmentally sensitive locations.

Typical recovery and disposal scenarios include.

  • In deemed safe to move a recovery and storage of UXO located offshore for the transfer on land for subsequent disposal at an approved facility / location.
  • The recovery and relocation of UXO offshore for subsequent disposal at sea – this method is used if a UXO is within close proximity of subsea infrastructure, heritage sites or environmentally sensitive locations where an underwater detonation may have an adverse impact.
  • Disposal in-situ – the use of explosive means to destroy UXO on the seabed. This operation may be conducted using high or low nett explosive quantity, (NEQ) methods and is dependent upon the environment, location and condition of the UXO and any risk factors that may be present.

With any of these scenarios, planning, safety and environmental mitigation are the main priority for our recovery, disposal and clearance operations.

Disposal operations are normally conducted as a deliberate operation following a UXO survey and investigation.

RMS UXO can offer an emergency response capability for clients who have unexpectedly discovered UXO on their project site.

Chemical Warfare & Decontamination

It is a sad fact that during the course of much of the 20th century, world-side sea dumping of chemical warfare agents (CWA) and chemical munitions was seen as an acceptable way of disposing of such materials. This, along with lost or partially used CWA munitions, has now left a legacy of contamination across the seabed and ocean floor.

The location of much of these dump sites are poorly marked and much of the records made at the time lost or inaccurate.

If you have to operate in areas of CWA risk, RMS UXO can provide a fully comprehensive risk management solution.

For more than twenty-years, the technical management team at RMS UXO has provided CWA support onshore and offshore to works such as site investigations (sample recovery) works, pipe and cable lay operations in areas such as the Baltic Sea, Hawaii, the North Sea, Southeast Asia etc.

The services we provide include:

  • CWA Risk Mitigation Planning.
  • CWA safety and awareness briefings.
  • Emergency response planning and on-board training.
  • The tasking of specialist CWA and munitions trained personnel, CWA monitoring and decontamination systems.
  • Real-time monitoring of all recovered sample materials and equipment.
  • Decontamination and certification of all recovered equipment.
  • On-site sampling and Laboratory testing of materials.

Environmental Mitigation When Using Explosive Means

Explosive Environmental Mitigation

RMS UXO are committed to reducing the environmental impact on marine wildlife from UXO risk mitigation operations. Developing appropriate environmental assessments to understand the potential impact of these operations we select and deploy the highest standards of environmental risk mitigation measures during clearance operations.

Environmental mitigation measures would include, Environmental Impact Assessments, (EIAs) and Environmental Monitoring & Mitigation Strategies, (EMMS) which would be deployed throughout the recovery and disposal operations.

RMS UXO can also provide environmental offshore personnel such as Marine Mammal Observers, Passive Acoustic monitors and equipment engineers. As well as acoustic deterrents, passive acoustic monitors, hydrophones etc.

Reporting & Certification

As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) Certification

Once the risk mitigation services have been successfully implemented RMS UXO will provide evidence to all project stakeholders that the UXO risk has been mitigated in accordance with the ALARP principle. This will be provided as a certified report.

The report is a comprehensive document that is geo-referenced to a specific location / area and provides a detailed description of the risk mitigation work undertaken, QA and QC confirmation and the outcome.

The certified report is underwritten by our Professional Indemnity Insurance provider.


Final Reporting & Sign-off

RMS UXO provide project reporting services detailing the execution of works and the results and outcomes. Reports may be based upon contracted works undertaken by RMS UXO. Or, may be produced as a consultant or client representative.

These reports, along with ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) certificates form the basis of client required sign-off, detailing how the risk has been managed, the geographic boundaries of the works, the nature of mitigation actions taken, the results of the mitigation works and any residual risk that may be remain.